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Linchpin Conversations

Nov 27, 2020

Should "RX'd" workouts be written on the whiteboard if most members cannot do them? Or, should the prescribed workout of the day be modified to align with what the majority of the members of a gym can accomplish? This leads to a discussion regarding gym culture and communication.

Nov 23, 2020

Questions/topics from the Linchpin community answered were:

1. What are some of my favorites moments from being a CF Games analyst?

2. What are some ways to incorporate techniques discussed by Chris Hinshaw during Linchpin Conversations #97?

3. Do I test everything before I input workouts into BTWB and the website?


Nov 20, 2020

Chris is a knowledgeable coach with a focus in running and aerobic capacity. He has worked with athletes such as Mat Fraser, Tia Toomey, Rich Froning and many others. This discussion is packed with information athletes will be able to use immediately and effectively. 1. Why is running/sprinting important? 2. What are...

Nov 16, 2020

Questions/topics from the Linchpin community answered were:

1. How do we choose the rep schemes for Heavy Days

2. What makes a "bad" workout?

3. Thoughts on barbell complexes

4. Working from home

5. How & when to start coaching CrossFit

Nov 13, 2020

The key to Double-unders, Muscle-ups & Snatching. A discussion of "Training" versus "Practice". This is a key element of classic CrossFit methodology and critically important to athletic development.